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Jack Jia




Jack Jia is an accomplished entrepreneur who has founded and led several successful technology companies. He is currently a founder and CEO of Trusper, a mobile marketplace for lifestyle tips with 17 million users.
Jack was the founding CEO of Baynote, a venture-backed recommendation software company valued at $100+ million. Before founding Baynote, Jack was the founding CTO at Interwoven (now part of HP), a leading Content Management software company that went public on NASDAQ and was valued at $7 billion. Prior to Interwoven, he was a founder and CEO of V-max America which marketed, manufactured and distributed Micron PC in China, making it the best tech PC in the country. Earlier in his career, Jack led UNIX kernel development at Sun Microsystems, SGI, Stratus, and NASA.
Jack holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, an MSEE from NYU-Poly, and a BSEE/MSCE from Beijing Jiaotong University.
Jack has received many honors during his business career. He was recognized as a 2012 Top 10 Chinese Business Leader – the highest business recognition in China. He was also recognized as one of the 40 most accomplished overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and scholars by the Chinese central government and voted was an Outstanding Alumnus by the five Jiaotong universities. Jack holds more than 20 technology patents. He is also a board member and former president of Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association (HYSTA).