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Kevin Yin




Current Investments

Aleees, C3Nano, Clean Focus, EarthGen, Liquidity, SEEO, Sigma Resources

Kevin Yin joined GSR Ventures in 2008, with a focus on investments in clean technologies and electronic hardware components and systems. He also covers Mainland/Taiwan cross-strait investment opportunities. Currently, Kevin serves on the boards of Airspan Networks, Avalon Battery, C3Nano, Clean Focus, EarthGen, Fugu, Sigma Resources and Sunming. He is also a board observer of Aleees, and actively involved with SEEO.
Prior to GSR, Kevin was with Grand River Capital Management. He also held senior positions at Nortel, where he managed the GSM wireless product line in Greater China, and then the Carrier Networks division in Asia. Before coming to China, Kevin worked at Phonetic Systems, a start-up in Bedford, Massachusetts.
Kevin holds an MBA in corporate finance from MIT Sloan School of Management, and bachelor and master degrees in applied science and engineering from the University of Toronto.